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The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; that they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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Time seems to fly by most days. That's probably because my days are still starting later and ending sooner than they used to. I did think I was coming out of the first trimester fog last week, but I was wrong. Last Thursday I had a spurt of energy, so went crazy catching up with all those neglected chores. I finally felt like my house was completely clean for the first time in weeks. I even had the energy to bake some cupcakes for my darling husband.

Then by Sunday my body decided it had enough of the activity. I started spotting, and got a little worried. So Sunday afternoon was spent off my feet, and the kitchen looked like a bomb site as a result. My beloved tried really hard to look after me, but he doesn't have the eye for cleaning that I do. So on Monday after he left for work I started cleaning again. The result was a clean kitchen, but a return of some more light spotting. Realising that sometimes I just have to give in to my body's demands I've been trying to stay off my feet ever since. I did get another maternity dress made, which is good, but I also have a large pile of clothes needing ironed before being put away. Since I've had some minor cramping today the clothes will have to wait until tomorrow.

Being the avid reader and researcher that I am I decided to go online and find out if this latest development in my pregnancy is anything to be concerned about, or if I needed to contact my midwife. Since I am in my twelfth week and almost at the end of the first trimester I wanted to find out possible causes for the spotting. I have to say it is very light, and even the cramping today is very minor and feels more like the muscles being stretched. What I did find out is that it can be normal for about 20% of women to experience this in the twelfth week. At this point my womb is beginning to grow beyond the pelvic cavity and so is beginning to press upon other organs. The sudden growth spurt of the womb accounts for the slight spotting in some women, and for others it is the result of a burst cyst that leaks out during this growth spurt. Essentially as long as I don't over do it and it stops in the next few days I should be fine. Our precious baby is growing and the placenta is nearing completion, so my womb is getting very full and needing to grow and stretch to accommodate the life within.

My appreciation for the wonder way our bodies are made continues to grow. It truly is a miracle that another person is growing inside my own body. I am a mother to this precious child and need to do everything I can to protect this new life. Another week or two and all the parts of the baby will be formed, then it is just growing and maturing until this child is ready for life outside the womb.

I am also growing in my understanding of how different the culture is that I am living in to the one I was raised in. Already I am constantly being asked when we will find out about our baby's gender, and get disapproval when we say once it is born. The reason for the disapproval seems to be that it makes it more difficult to organise a baby shower. I also have been asked to let people know once we are registered for baby gifts, again seems to be linked to the baby shower concept. In Scotland we don't have baby showers. We also don't buy baby gifts until the baby has safely arrived. We do give gifts just as much as Americans do. We just wait and give them individually to the parents when we first visit to meet the new child. Back in Scotland we don't even make the final payment or purchase the pram (baby carriage) or stroller until after the baby is born. My husband is one my side on this one. It feels wrong to register for baby things as it feels like asking others to provide for our baby, when that is our responsibility. I am also uncomfortable with the idea of a baby shower before the baby is born. Why not wait until after the baby is here, as there are still so many different things that could go wrong between now and the birth.

I know we've still got six months to figure out how to handle this clash of cultures. At the end though the important thing for us is that this baby arrives healthy, strong and full term. Everything else can be worked out or compromised on. Most of all I am praying that we get through this next week or two without any more issues and we can get on with enjoying the second trimester of this pregnancy.


  1. Okay, please, I am begging you - stay off your feet. I don't know anything about spotting being normal, but I have heard plenty about it being not normal, and I would take the fact that it happens after you do a bunch of housework as a sign that the housework should wait.
    Ironing - please don't! Toss them in the dryer with a dampened hand towel.
    Just please rest as much as humanly possible!

  2. I am trying to stay off my feet as much as possible. I am concerned enough not to take any more risks but also know that I won't do well with inactivity, so I am trying to keep to tasks that I can do while resting like hand sewing new clothes. I won't be doing much else until after my next visit to the midwife, just to stay on the safe side.

  3. I spotted with my first pregnancy and everything turned out fine. I also didn't find out what I was having and it was GREAT! everyone was so excited and surprised!

  4. that was me... rose.. iwas signed in as my daughter..


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